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for natural gas vehicles (NGVs) running on compressed natural gas (CNG)

CNG Station Prices (Database)
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Google Maps-based CNG Station Prices Database
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CNG fueling stations in California, Arizona, and Nevada.

California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition
order a free refueling directory for your glove compartment
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civicgxngv Group
Civicgxtalk Group
CngVehicles Group
CivicGx Group
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Honda Civic GX (natural gas)
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Honda Dealerships
2009 Honda Civic GX (official site)
Honda Certified Used Cars (with extended warranty)

NGV Dealerships
Best Auto Sales
CNG Motors

Other Listings
USA CNG Vehicles for sale
California DMV Clean Air Vehicle Stickers
are still available for CNG vehicles
(CNG & electric vehicles = white, hybrids = yellow)